Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Wednesday, December 23 – Back in RGV



I arrived back in the RGV with Jesse and the boys last night. My flight was very bumpy into Harlingen, but we made it safely.

I really enjoyed my visit in Baltimore. It started snowing on Friday night about 10pm and snowed until Saturday night until 10pm. There was about 20 inches of the beautiful white stuff.



IMG_1010IMG_1006  IMG_1004

It was good to see the family and Kelsey’s party was very nice. Because of the weather there were not as many people as expected, but we had a good time.

                       Setting up                                                The Cake                         Kelsey  & Debbie

                      IMG_1014 IMG_1020IMG_1017

                    Debbie & Gene                              Blowing out the candles                 Caked by Jason

IMG_1043IMG_1048 IMG_1053

Brian, Shannon and the girls surprised Kelsey and showed up with a baby lamb

IMG_1029 The lamb’s Mom wouldn’t feed her so they are nursing her with a bottle. They keep her in a baby travel crib.


Jesse had the rig all spic and span when I came home and I really appreciated that. We met Ed and Marilyn, Roger and Joyce at Mingo’s for breakfast. It was great to be back with our RV family.

After, Jesse and I went to the store to pick up a few items I still needed to prepare for our Christmas Eve brunch.

I did 5 loads of laundry and hung them on the line to dry. It was 80 degrees and windy to day.

In the afternoon we walked down to E&M’s and enjoyed a drink with Roger, Joyce, Carl and Gilbert. Then E&M and Jesse and I bowled a game on the WII. Ed won I lost, but we had fun.

Jesse and I came home fed the boys and I made us dinner. I made tilapia, salad, vegetables and apple sauce.

I am now going to just relaxed for the rest of the evening.


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