Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Saturday, December 22 - Travel Day (Tolleson, AZ)


We left Gold Canyon at 9am and headed east on US 60, then north on 101 loop, north I17, west on AZ 74. That took us about 1 1/2 hours.

My view


After just a couple miles on AZ 74 Jesse pulled over to the side of the road. He said the big truck would not shift into gear.  I walked the boys on the side of the road while he tried to figure out what was wrong. He called the guy we got the truck from to see if he could help. He had no help for us.


He continued to drive in whatever gear worked which meant we drove on the shoulder of the road going about 11-18 miles per hour.

Wondering why we did this, I asked him and he said he was hoping it would shift into gear. After about an hour of this I noticed that the back window was falling off the back of the RV. I had to pull in front of him to stop him because he couldn’t hear me on the horn.


We pulled over off the road and called Coach-Net, it was about 11:30am.

To make a long story short the very nice tow truck driver Daniel showed up at 3:30. It took him about 1 hours to get us hooked up and another hour to tow us to Freightliner in Tolleson, AZ which also has RV hook-ups.



We made it to the the repair shop about 5:30.


They sent another truck to move the RV into place.



Jesse hooked up the water and electric and I heated up some leftover tuna casserole (we hadn’t eaten all day) and we settled in for the night.

Hopefully they can look at the truck tomorrow for Monday and fix the problem and we can be on our way.

Christmas hugs2

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Rod Ivers said...

Hang in there, as Freightliner is quite good to work with and will get you straightened out.. I was watching this as your were reporting on Facebook yesterday... Wishing we were still in Az to come help...