Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Sunday, August 10 - Newest Family Member (Colorado Springs, CO)


While I worked yesterday I looked on line at the ads for dogs in the newspaper’

I saw Shih Tzu puppies for sale and called the number.

The lady was very informative and emailed me a picture of the 2 little girls she had.

8-9-14 1

8-9-14 2

They lived in Burlington, CO which is 150 miles from here. They said they would be in the Spring tomorrow morning and they would me us at the mall so I could meet the dogs.

So I asked David to fill in for me at the office while we drove into town to meet them.

How do you choose, they are all so cute.






This one seemed the one for us, I am not sure why it was just a feeling.006

She weight nothing and is very sweet.

These are the brothers and sisters we left behind.


On the way home we stopped at Walmart to get her some things she needed.


After we got back to the campground Bella and I went back to work.

She laid in her kennel and was such a good little girl.


She walked around outdoors a little when Jesse came to visit.



So meet Bella Kinsey Haman our newest member of our family. (Kinsey was her birth mothers name)





Fred Wishnie said...

She is adorable. Best of luck with her.

Bob Janet said...

Glad we are gone, Janet would not of let the Bella's brothers and sisters leave.

Tom and Marci said...

What a little cutie!!

Unknown said...

I'm afraid Buster would definitely have had a sibling if I had been around! I have no idea how you chose! Maybe you should get Bella's sister for her! I can't wait to see her.

dreamjosie said...

They're like potato chips. You can't have just one! Tough choice but Bella is a winner.

roamingwhenwecan said...

What a cutie! I hope you get lots of enjoyment from her. What a lucky pup!!

roamingwhenwecan said...
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Trent and Teresa said...

Nice to meet you, Bella !!

We are looking forward to meeting your newest member of the family in January...

Congrats, Mom and Dad ... ha ha

Hugs, TnT