Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Tuesday, August 5 - Ending Our Alaska Adventure (Colorado Springs, CO)


First let me say that we could not have picked better traveling companions. It was just a blast hanging out with these two great friends for the last 3 months.

 Bob and Janet thank you for a wonderful fun filled trip. It has been such a pleasure sharing this adventure with you two!!!! Love you guys..HUGS!!!!

We left Rawlings at 8:30 and traveled East on I-80.

This was around the corner from the RV park and Jesse thought I should take it’s picture.


It was a cool morning with bright sunshine.

We saw antelope, cows, horses, goats, buffalo, camel, and Lincoln.








I didn’t say they were all alive. LOL

As is the past days, there are times when the big uphill grades have us traveling around 35 miles per hour and B&J past us like we are standing still.


We stopped for a break at a rest stop. The entrance was very nice, you crossed over the highway using this nice bridge and two roundabouts.


In Cheyenne we took I-25 south all the way into Colorado and through Denver.





Then Castle Rock



and on to The Springs



Some other pictures I took today




We got set-up then walked up to Ed and Marilyn’s site. We were greeted with hugs and cold drinks. B&J were already  there. We all sat under their awing visiting and telling stories about our trip. They both were interesting in listening to all we had to reveal.

It started to sprinkle so we moved into the screen room.

Then Marilyn got our dinner that she prepared set up. She served pulled pork, potato salad, cold slaw, drinks and chips. Everything was yummy and we thank you dear friends.

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This will be my last DAILY blog. I will try to update at least once a week, but no promises.

Thanks for reading!


Trent and Teresa said...

Wow, it is hard to believe the Alaskan adventure is over!!

We sure wish we could be in Mountaindale with everyone...maybe next year!!

See you in January!!


Tom and Marci said...

You did such a great job documenting your adventures in Alaska -- I loved following along with you, and can't wait to do it ourselves one of these years!

You deserve a break from blogging -- that had to be really tough, keeping up with a daily log of your activities . . . I always seem to find myself about a week behind!!

Kristin and John said...

Thank you for allowing me to ride along. Its been a wonderful experience from my couch and i hope to follow in your wheel tracks someday.

Thanks for your posts and pictures

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing...I've enjoyed your thoughts and pictures of Alaska...hope to make that trip myself someday!!