Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Monday, September 7 – Labor Day

Yesterday we didn’t do much but hang around the homestead.

Well we actually went out to breakfast at Luck E Star. Then stopped at a road side stand and bought tomatoes and corn, before returning home.

After relaxing for a short while I got busy in the kitchen and made some bread pudding and potato salad for dinner and dessert tonight. I also started some chicken corn soup for tomorrows dinner.

Also during this time I was doing laundry, I did 4 loads yesterday and have more to do today.

Jesse worked on securing the hangers that hold the electrical wiring on our slides. I don’t understand and really don’t need to, as that is a blue job.

Other workampers here do not know about blue and pink jobs, I have had to school many of them, I thought it was widely known.

After all our chores were done and we had rested Jesse built us a fire so we could roast some weenies.

Setting up



DSC01459 CookedDSC01460 1/2 eaten results


After finishing our meal Darrell and Judy stopped by to say “see ya down the road”. They are leaving on Tuesday. It was nice to have a little more time with them before we depart and go our separate ways.

After we had everything cleaned up we were invited to join Don and Jane at there campfire to sit and visit.

DSC01466 DonDSC01465 Jane

DSC01467 Jesse with our rig in the background


It was nice to get to know these good people who are from Georgia. We hope to see them in February when we go through that area. They are coming back next year, so we can continue to get to know them.

It has been a very relaxing day and we look forward to many many more.

From the Adirondacks:


DAY !!!

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