Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Saturday, September 5 – Labor day Weekend


Well here it is, the last big week end of the season.  The theme for this week is Labor Day Fair. 

IMG_0118 Fun n Games set up a carnival at the big top tent and Evergreen Square.  Here is a photo of the area in the morning as it is being set up.


IMG_0121 Here are some shots in the middle of the afternoon.  There was a dunking booth, pie in the face booth, face painting, tattoos, games, hot dogs, pop corn, cotton candy, and cold drinks.

IMG_0131 IMG_0132 IMG_0135 IMG_0138IMG_0125Ginger sold tickets with Olga, one of our Camp America students from Poland. Love the hats!!

IMG_0134 The campground is fairly full but not like it was for July 4.  And the crowd is somewhat quiet.  I thought with this being the last hurrah the campers would be letting it all hang out but not so which is fine with me.

Most of the work campers are leaving Tuesday or Wednesday.  Tuesday evening is a celebration for the work campers with food and a DJ.  We will be staying on for another 3 weeks.

Things will be slow during the week but we will get some decent business for the week ends until closing October 12.   No one will be left from the store after Wednesday so the remaining guest services people will run the front desk and the store at the same time.  

Ginger will get around 30 hours but will still work 5 days.  Jesse will still be full time as they have much to do in preparation for shut down.  There are a few employees that will work year round.  Mostly the GM, Maintenance Chief,  Sales, and Comptroller.  Some of the full time locals will be laid off as needed by late November.

Once we get past the next few days, it will be lonely around here.  I think of the 56 work campers, only about 12 of us will still be here next week.  Of course the extra peace and quiet will just make it easier for us to plan our get away on the 27th.


squawmama said...

Sounds like everything is coming to an end... I hate it when that happens... Pictures were great!

Have Fun & Travel Safe

Unknown said...

Cute hat! You sure have earned some down time! Enjoy the next 3 weeks. Lynda and Bob