Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Tuesday, September 29 -


fall Hoosier hospitality, although has pretty arrangements above,

but it is wet, wet, wet!!

We have two new states to add to our map

IMG_0289 IMG_0244We were up and out by 8:15 this morning. Again it was a wet morning. We met E&M at the Mobile Suites factory for our tour.

IMG_0284 I found it interesting to see how they are made, but Jesse was very impressed. They have very little turnover at the factory, most employees have been employed since their beginning.

IMG_0258Much is manufactured right here and not prefabricated and shipped in.

We hopped to see Carl and Linda’s new rig, but it had not come from painting yet.

Kyle, guided the 4 of us, and another couple from Florida who just took delivery 2010 Mobile Suites along with their rescue Shi Tzu “Reo”.

IMG_0273 After the tour Jesse and I went to Walmart because I needed to get my glasses repaired. E&M went to see what progress had been made on their rig.

Just as we were getting fuel E&M called and we decided to get something to eat. Jesse and I ordered breakfast, while E & M ordered lunch. Marilyn ordered a club sandwich, it was the biggest club we had ever seen.

IMG_0285 Afterwards they followed us to a RV salvage yard that they told us about at the factory. It was about 20 minutes away and a wasted trip. We were looking for some folding chairs, but all they had was 4 that looked like they were from the 70’s.

We said our see ya’s to our friends and went home to the boys. Jesse walked them then we all went for a ride to another campground to see about moving. We were not impressed with the price, so again we decided to stay where we were and paid for 4 more nights.

We also went to Lambright Woodworking showroom. We found a table we liked, but we didn’t like the price. Jesse has found better priced ones online. That may be what we do, just not sure yet.

We all came home for the night. I made us canned soup and turkey melts for dinner. We just relaxed for the evening.


Speedy said...

Relaxing...that is what I like best about this life style! I can do that soooo good and I am getting more practice the longer I am here.

Ellie and Jim said...

Hope you guys have safe travels and stay dry...Hugs to you & Ed & Marilyn