Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Saturday, September 26 – A day in Ohio


They served breakfast at the campground snack bar this morning. Jesse went over and got us pancakes and biscuits & gravy. I ate a biscuit and Jesse ate the rest. We took our time this morning not getting dressed and out the door until almost noon.

I took some pictures of the campground before we left.

IMG_0204 They have about 100 cabins here that are small with a full and twin bed and a built in bench, no utilities at all.  IMG_0203 We got fuel then headed to Marblehead Lighthouse State Park.

IMG_0210 IMG_0208 IMG_0205 We walked around the area, it wasn’t the best weather day as it was very gray outside and it sprinkled a bit, but it was nice to look at the lake.

IMG_0209We then headed to Port Clinton. It is a small little fishing town. They were having a Harvest Festival with some normal fair type booths. We walked around, we didn’t see anything we couldn’t do without.

We enjoyed a late lunch at a booth that sold perch and walleye sandwiches. We got one of each and French fries to split. …Yum!

You can take fishing charters out of this port and bring your catch here to have it cleaned.

IMG_0216 Our next stop was Firelands Winery. We took a self guided tour then tasted their Riesling and bought a bottle. We will enjoy this with Ed & Marilyn next week in Indiana.

IMG_0217 We took a ride down to the Sandusky Historic Downtown Waterfront. We were not impressed, we expected to see something like the Baltimore Inner Harbor and it was nothing like it. They need to do a lot more to the area before it can measure up to Charm City.

We did take a picture of Cedar Point from the waters edge. On a clear day this would have been a much better picture.

IMG_0219After walking the boys Jesse decided to go to the race track that was close by. He enjoys car races, me, not so much.

So the boys and I bid you a good night..

See ya down the road


Unknown said...

Nice pictures, glad to see you are enjoying your full time rving :)

Don and Cheryl

Paula said...

I love it when people tell the name, city and price of a campground. Also, if it is a Passport and what hook-ups you get with plus 30 or 50 amp. I wish more would do that. I enjoy your blog. Stay safe and happy travels.