Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Sunday, September 20 – We Are Done !!!


We are finished, over, done, complete and ended with work for this year. Jesse and I are happy for the experience. We worked with a great group of people and made many new friends. BUT, there is always that but, we are happy that our time here has ended for the season.

As it turned out I worked a full 8 hour shift my last two days and today my last one I worked it all by myself. One of the local employees quit (not enough hours) and today one called in sick..again. He has not been well all summer.

Anyway I managed to work the shift okay..We only had 5 check-in and 75 check-outs. I had 2 or 3 walk-in…answered phones and checked out all the store items that were purchased. People understood that I was by myself and were very patient when things got a little busy.

I rented some pedal carts but called on maintenance for assistance when that happened. Housekeeping even helped when I needed someone to go over to the arcade because some children wanted to cash in there tickets for the “valued prizes”.

All in all our experience working here at Lake George Escape has been a good one. We are both glad we came, it certainly helped out the budget, but we are looking forward to the next part of our adventure.

We plan to leave on Wednesday or Thursday and will be meeting Ed and Marilyn in Indiana for a few days. They are having some work done on their Mobile Suites. We have planned a tour of the factory and hope to go on a tour of the Keystone factory.

After Indiana we are all traveling to Hannibal with them to stay a few days before moving on to Colorado to see our children and grandchildren. We have not seen them since we left CO in December last year so we are looking forward to spending some time with them.

We are planning an adventure for Tuesday, but more on that then.

Have a Great Day and stay safe …… HUGS


Anonymous said...

Contrats on completing your season and hitting the road.

Ellie and Jim said...

Glad you guys made it through the season healthy & happy :)...Travel Safe and we'll see you somewhere in the south this winter...Many Hugs...Jim & Ellie

The Happy Wanderers said...

Travel safe, dear friends.
See you on Sunday!
Ed & Marilyn