Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Friday, December 11 – “Some” New Glasses



Today was the scheduled day to go back over to Mexico to get our new glasses. The weather was not too good for walking around outdoors.

It was cold, windy and raining.

We decided to go to lunch at a place called “The Blue Onion”. Ed and Marilyn had been there before, but this was our 1st time there.

The Dray’s ordered soup and a wrap, while Jesse and I ordered salad and a wrap. The food was good and we will visit there again.

While eating we all flipped back and forth as to if we should go get our glasses today. When we go over to Mexico we park our vehicle in the $2.00 parking lot on the USA side and walk over the bridge into Mexico. That is about 1/3 mile, then the doctor’s office is another 1/3 mile from that.

You can image how wet and cold we would be if we walked 2/3 of a mile in the rain.

So we decided that we would go another day when the weather was better. On the way back to the resort it seemed to be clearing up, so we decided to chance it. Ed stopped to pick up a hat and off we went.

It was just a slight mist in the beginning, but it was windy and cold. We kept moving and before we knew it we had maneuvered our way through the puddles of mud and standing water and were at the office and the doctor was in!

Everyone was very pleased with their new glasses except me.  The distance was fine, but I couldn’t read with them, things were fuzzy. He worked with me for quite some time to try and figure out the problem and in the end decided they needed to remake the lenses. I am suppose to go back again next week to pick them up.

After the waiting they decided that they needed a drink. We went to Red Snapper to have a drink before going back over the border to the USA.

Once home Jesse and I changed into our sweats.

The toilet has not been flushing right and a mushroom part keeps coming off the flushing pedal. Jesse had ordered a new part and it arrived the beginning of the week.

Well it broke again today and he decided to fix it. After 3 hours it has the new part on, but it was not holding water. I told him to wait until tomorrow and call it a night.

I made us a sandwich and we relaxed for the rest of the evening.


squawmama said...

You know it always sounds like so much fun when you write about going to Mexico... I kinda wish we were there with you all... Don't you just hate it when there are problems in the rigs? Ralph hates plumbing ones...☺☺☺ Have FUN and I hope your new glasses will be ok next week...

Travel Safe

Kit and Jerry said...

Jesse, that little mushroom part was fun putting on. I know because ours came off several weeks ago. I thought the screws that held the peddle on were not tight enough. I have had no further problems with it. Ours leaks from time to time also. We have a tool with a rough plastic strip on it that we use to scrub the rubber ring. Sometimes it takes several scrubbings before the leak stops. Sounds like you are having fun down there.