Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Friday, December 18 - Shopping

This morning when I got up Kelsey had already left for school and Gene had just gotten home from work it was 7am. We sat and visited for a short while, then he went off to bed. Debbie and I got showers and cleaned up. We were going shopping.

We shopped until late afternoon then came home. Gene was just getting up, so he got cleaned up and we went and picked up Kelsey from school. We took her to get something to eat and then took her back to school.

She has two basketball games at school tonight and she is one of the mangers. Then the three of us went back out shopping.

Now I helped shop, but didn't buy anything. It is so much fun spending someone else money. I just helped Debbie and Gene shop for their five grandchildren. Sure looks like someone's having a great Christmas.

Look how good Debbie still looks after shopping all day!

After we returned again we made dinner and relaxed until it was time for Gene to go pick up Kelsey from the school basketball game.

Gene is a K-9 security officer and this is their dog Leisle. She is a very smart girl and very well behaved. She is also BIG!

I am not sure what we are doing tomorrow, but my time here seems to be going very fast.

Hugs to everyone!


squawmama said...

You are so right... It is always fun helping someone else spend their money... Have fun and enjoy the party.

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Unknown said...

Hope you took your boots! Enjoy the snow! Lynda