Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Wednesday, August 13 - Costs for our Alaska Adventure and Bella Update (Colorado Springs, CO)


We left Mountaindale on May 14, 2014 and drove to Cabela’s in Nebraska to meet Bob and Janet.

We arrived back to Mountaindale on August 5, 2014

We traveled

9 States:

Colorado, Nebraska, South Dakota, Wyoming, Montana, Alaska, Washington, Oregon, and Idaho

4 Canadian Proveniences:

Saskatchewan, Alberta, British Columbia, and Yukon

Total days …………………. 83                 

Miles driven ………………. 10,310

This was the total miles we drove! When we were parked and went on day trips Bob and Jesse took turns driving, so if we traveled without our buddies our miles would have been more.

Diesel cost ……………………. $4,449.52

Grocery Costs ……………. $1,260.73

Both Janet and I purchased lots of food and paper goods before departing. Those costs are not included in this cost. This is just the amount we spent while traveling for groceries. Remember we took turns cooking meals for the 4 of us.

Eat Out Costs …………….. $938.51

Entertainment ……………. $1,551.51

This includes entrance fees to museums and attractions, excursions, fishing license, fishing charters, bus and boat trips.

Camping fees ……………… $2,401.01

This includes fuel for generator. Average $28.93 per night.

5/14/14 Cabela's RV Park Sidney NE 31.06   FHU, Cable, WiFi 1
5/15/14 Custer's Gulch RV Park Custer SD 111.09   FHU, WiFi 3
5/18/14 Peter D's RV Park Sheridan WY 64.00   FHU, Cable, WiFi 2
5/20/14 James Kripp Rec Area Lewistown MT 6.00   NONE 1
5/21/14 Pondarosa RV Park Swift Current Canada 108.00   FHU, WiFi 3
5/24/14 Spring Creek Mountain Village Canmore, Alberta Canada 47.25   FHU, WiFi 1
5/25/14 Spring Creek Mountain Village Canmore, Alberta Canada 47.25   FHU, WiFi 1
5/26/14 Whistlers Campground Jasper, Alberta Canada 76.40   FHU 2
5/28/14 Northern Lights RV Park Dawson Creek, BC Canada 80.00   FHU, WiFi, Cable 2
5/30/14 Triple G Hideaway RV Park Fort Nelson, BC Canada 40.95   FHU, WiFi, Cable, Rig wash area 1
5/31/14 Toad River Lodge Toad River, BC Canada 60.90   FHU, Cable, WiFi 2
6/2/14 Liard River Hot Springs Liard, BC Canada 24.00 2.92 NONE 1
6/3/14 Downtown RV Park Watson Lake, Yukon Canada 36.00   FHU, Cable, WiFi 1
6/4/14 Hi Country RV Park Whitehorse, Yukon Canada 119.08   FHU, Cable, 30 min per day WiFi 3
6/7/14 Klondike River Provincial  Dawson City, Yukon Canada 24.00 12.52 NONE 2
6/9/14 Tok RV Village Tok Alaska 96.74   FHU, Cable, WiFi 2
6/11/14 Rivers Edge RV Park Fairbanks Alaska 165.40   FHU, Cable, WiFi 4
6/15/14 Denali RV Park Denali Park Alaska 127.12   FHU, Cable, WiFi 3
6/18/14 Trapper Creek Inn Trapper Creek Alaska 54.00   FHU, WiFi 2
6/20/14 Town & Country RV Palmer Alaska 195.00   FHU, WiFi 7
6/27/14 Country Boy Ninilchik Alaska 278.00 5.85 FHU, WiFi 18
7/15/14 Resurrection South Seward Alaska 30.00   NONE 2
7/15/14 Resurrection South Seward Alaska 30.00 8.20 NONE 2
7/19/14 Rest Stop Mendeltna Creek Alaska 0.00   NONE 1
7/20/14 Bayside RV Park Valdez Alaska 140.00 6.86 FHU, Cable, WiFi 3
7/23/14 Rest Stop   Alaska 0.00 6.84 NONE 1
7/24/14 Pioneer RV Park Whitehorse, Yukon Canada 31.19   Water, Elec, Cable 1
7/24/14 Gas       4.58    
7/25/14 Rabid Grizzly Rest Stop BC Canada 0.00   NONE 1
7/26/14 Bear River RV Park Stewart, BC Canada 114.91   FHU, Cable, WiFi 3
7/28/14 Gas       6.67    
7/29/14 Dave's RV Park Vanderhoof, BC Canada 38.85   FHU, Cable, WiFi 1
7/30/14 Gold Trail RV Park Clinton, BC Canada 20.00   FHU, WiFi 1
7/31/14 Smokey Point RV Park Arlington Washington 30.00   FHU 1
8/1/14 Eagles Hot Lake RV Resort La Grande Oregon 30.00   FHU, Cable, WiFi 1
8/2/14 Indian Springs Resort American Falls Idaho 60.00   FHU 2
8/4/14 RV World Campground Rawlins WY 29.38   FHU, Cable, WiFi 1

Miscellaneous ……………. $880.72

Includes souvenirs, gifts for family, and miscellaneous parts.


The best part of the trip for me was the wildlife and the scenery in Alberta. Jesse says his best was Valdez and the wildlife.


Bella has been doing really good. No accidents in the house. She sleeps in her kennel with no whining except when she needs to go out. She wakes me two times each night to go out. Like a baby she sleeps a lot.

The vet says everything looks good. She has ear infections that the antibiotics drops we are giving her two times a day should clear up in 10-14 days. She weights 2.6 pounds and has a very sweet personality already.

8-13-14 006

8-13-14 012

She likes to take naps under the little table we have on the side of our island.

8-13-14 013

8-13-14 015

8-13-14 020

8-13-14 021


roamingwhenwecan said...

The Trip of a Lifetime! Glad you enjoyed it..
Bella is adorable. I'm sure she will bring alot of happiness to your lives.

Dominic & Ronnie Sue said...

it was great to have met you on our trip to Alaska..we met in tok and kept "tabs" on you via your wonderful blog..
Thanks for sharing all the information and glad to got to meet up with you in Ninilchik and Soldotna (at our "secret" fishing hole!)
I wasn't as diligent in my bookkeeping as you were, but I can tell you we tried to cut costs on our trip and weren't as fortunate as you were! our costs were astronomical...but, you can't put a price on a trip like this...
we're headed to Jesse's favorite place tomorrow (Valdez) and hope to see some of the other stuff you both loved (wildlife!)...