Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Friday July 11 - Back to stick and stucco - DJ's Birthday

I have posted the pictures from our last day in the Black Mountains, so go back as I have entered more text also.

Today is DJ's Birthday our son-in-law

Hope you have a Great Day!!

Well we are back in Pueblo. We arrived on Thursday about 1pm. This is what our front driveway looked like. I guess we have been getting storms every night for about a week and the weeds went crazy.

It was very hot here, the 1st thing we did was to dust and vacuum the house. Then we only unloaded a few items from the Kram-a-lot. Then took a ride to the Post Office to pick up our mail they had been holding for us. I wish I had taken a picture of how much mail we had gotten in the 7 weeks. It was a lot; mostly junk mail. Jesse also rented some movies.

I made us some leftovers for linner and we took showers and relaxed. If I missed anything from the stick and stucco house it would be the shower. We watched Vantage Point and started 10,000 BC, but were just too tired to finish.

Today Friday we were still up early; only the boys would have stayed in bed longer. It’s hard to tell if they are glad to be back in the house. They went right back to the routines of being in the house as if they never left.

We had our coffee and talked about new options to sell the house. We called our realtor, but we was out of town (in Pagosa Springs) until Monday.

We unloaded more items from the Kram-a-lot then got cleaned up.

I had made an appointment for the boys to be groomed at 10:30am and I wanted to stop by my work place to say hello. - I am going back to work for the same company on Monday (part time). We need to make some money until the house is sold.

After that we went to Wal*Mart for a few items then back to pick up the boys and then home again.

Don’t they look good?

I continued with doing the laundry that I started yesterday. I put more things away and tried to get organized.

I made a dump cake and started to prepare food for our family celebration on Saturday. We are going to our daughter’s to celebrate all the events that happen while we were gone.

I made us breakfast for dinner and we relaxed for the evening. We watched the rest of 10,000 BC and The Bucket List (thought it would have been funnier, but I enjoyed it)

See ya down the road.

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Speedy said...

Good to see you made it back safe. Sherri also went to work to save up some money for the start of our February adventure. Don't know if you have heard but several of the chatters are planning to get together in March 09 somewhere around Kerrville Texas. Nothing in Stone yet but we are planning.

Joe and Sherri