Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Sunday July 20 - Another Hot Day

It’s Sunday morning and we just finished pulling weeds. We have been doing this every morning for a week now and we can finally see the end.



It is hot already today and getting hotter. “But it’s a dry hot” this is true "but hot is hot"!

I made us some breakfast and then Jesse moved the Kram-a-lot to the side of the house I did some laundry and straighten the house.

We wanted to spruce up our curb appeal, so we decided to go to Lowes for some flowering plants, but it is too late in the summer because they do not have anything worth purchasing.

Once we were back to the house I made pasta and shrimp for dinner and we relaxed for the rest of the day. We watched Big Brother 10 and Design Star on TV, then off to bed.

Not a very exciting.

See ya down the road.

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Speedy said...

Our Sunday was not much better. You have to do what you have to and the weekend is usually the time you have to do it. My weekends go so fast! GEEEE it was time to go back to work before I knew it. I did get my stuff done. I am now scanning pictures on disk..WOOOPEEE now that is fun I tell ya!

Sherri and Joe