Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Monday July 21 - Day with Grandchildren

I had left it up in the air as to weather I would go to work today and I decided not to. This was to be Jesse last day of his 1st retirement and I decided to spend it with him. Me and our two grandchildren; Ryan and Kacie. We had invited them to spend the day with us and go to the movies to see the new Batman movie.

Our daughter brought them with her to work at the Rocky Mountain Cancer Center and Jesse went to get them. While he was gone I prepared breakfast of turkey sausage and Belgian waffles with strawberries.

After breakfast we talked and got caught up on their summer so far and then I went to get dressed, while Jesse was showing them the pictures from our trip.

Once Jesse and I were dressed we talked about taking them on a geocaching adventure. Kacie was all for it but Ryan was a little reserve about the whole idea. (Remember he is a 14 year old boy).

Jesse looked some up on line, but then we chose to skip it this time as it was really hot outside.

I had taken some snacks for the movie and we purchased drinks. Everyone liked the movie, but I did think it was a little long, although it kept my interest. It was 3:00 and we were all hungry.

We went to Cracker Barrel for linner and then took them to get haircuts. Beth met us there as she got out of work a little early. The children got a trim so they would be ready for school to start in 3 weeks, and then they headed home and so did we.

I fed the boys their dinner and we relaxed for the evening until time for bed.

It was a fun day spent with two people we really love. Having grandchildren are such a blessing.

Until tomorrow

See ya down the road.

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Speedy said...

I could not have said it better. We love our G-Kids and really enjoy them when we have them. It is so great that you get to spend time with them while they are still young...I know the older mine get they are not as hot on Mawma and Poppa as they were when they were young. Time gets away from you and you wake up one day and they are all grown.