Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Friday July 4th - Independence Day 2008

My day began with me walking the boys while Jesse slept-in. He stayed up later then I did last night, so I told him to stay in bed, and much to my surprise that’s what he did.

The boys and I just sat quietly after our walk; the boys fell asleep. They are like babies they sleep a lot.

Jesse wrote the journal for yesterday, so when he was finished I posted it and uploaded the picture.

I made breakfast – bacon, eggs, toast and juice. And we just sat around talking and watching TV. We watched “Independence Day” with Will Smith; it was on TV without commercials. We had seen it before, but its one of those movies you can see several times and still enjoy it.

We took showers and got dressed and around 4:30 we left for Custer. We walked around the town trying to decide where to eat and I found another Buffalo, which I had missed last week.

We had dinner at The Bank Coffee Shop. I think they should stick with coffee, because the dinner was nothing to write home about.

After eating we went to the fair they had set up. Most of the booths were closing up, but it was okay as there wasn’t anything I wanted to look at anyway. Jesse found this guy just sitting and he posed for a picture.

On one of the corners of town these Lakota Indians, which are part of the Sioux Nation were dancing for our entertainment.

Then it was on to Pageant Park for the fireworks. We were up-close and personal with the area where the fire department will set them off.

We were very early as it was only 7:00 and it didn’t start until 9:15.

We used our time to people watch and played cards (gin).

Others played yard games.

These people brought their flatbed trailer with sofas on them for comfort.

Custer’s population is only 1,860 and their display of fireworks was very impressive. It was put on by the fire department and here is an old fire truck.

Here are a few of the pictures, we thought they turned out pretty good.

Well that was our day, hope yours was fun and safe.
See ya down the road

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