Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Friday, September 25 – Travel Day 2 and Coaster rides

We were up and moving out by 8:30am today. We traveled 344 miles and arrived at Camp Sandusky at 3:30. They are also a Passport America park and the charge for 2 nights was $40 for a FHU-WES 30 amp. It was an uneventful trip, which is just how we like it.

Once we got into Ohio

IMG_0181 we could see Lake Erie, which is huge!

IMG_0183 A look at Cleveland from the road

IMG_0188 Very cool art on a building

IMG_0186 Once we were registered and set up we walked and fed the boys. Then we got, cleaned up and ready to go to Cedar Point.

IMG_0192 IMG_0193 They were all dressed for Halloween and the park looked GREAT!

IMG_0195 Beautiful fall flower arrangements.

IMG_0198 We only got on 3 rides, but my they were three fast coaster rides. We would have gotten on a few more but they were not operating. I guess we don’t enjoy the rides the way we did when we were younger. Here’s one we got on

IMG_0199 And the one in the background

IMG_0196 My foot was really hurting from all the walking, so we grabbed something to eat (we dare not eat before riding) then headed home. It was after 10pm when we left the park, past my bed time.

Jesse walked the boys while I got my PJ’s on. We watched a show we had recorded then off to bed.

Hugs and travel safe friends!


Unknown said...

Happy 30th! You guys sure are brave to go on the rides -- at your age. :-) I went there when my son was about 12 and he's 50 now. Safe journey! Lynda and Bob

squawmama said...

I still love the rides and I am the only one in our camping group that does so sadly I do not ride them much anymore... It is not so fun by yourself... Looks like a great place though... Have fun and enjoy the area...

Travel Safe