Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Sunday, September 27 – Travel Day 3


Jesse had a good time at the races last night, he took pictures but most did not come out too good.


We left Ohio at 9:30 am after having pancakes from the snack bar for breakfast. We drove 167 miles to Howe, Indiana and arrived to Ed and Marilyn’s open arms around 1PM.

It was so good to see them again and just wonderful to hug and be hugged.

We visited for a few minutes and allowed the boys to say hello to Aunt Marilyn, then Jesse and I went about the set up procedures.

We are parked at Grand View Bend Community Association. They offer water/electric 50 amp for PA price of $14 for two nights.

IMG_0245 After getting set up we sat with E&M with a drink and snacks and got caught up. It is so good to be with them again, we have missed them very much.

Even the boys sat and visited

IMG_0247We laughed and had a good time before wandering home to get ready to go to dinner.

This is Amish country so we saw lots of families traveling around in their buggy’s.

IMG_0256This is the restaurant Ed was taking us to for dinner..Guess what it was closed…..Go figure

IMG_0252We had a tough time finding something opened, we all forgot it was Sunday. We finally found a pizza hut converted into a dinner type place. We all had very tasty meals there and said we would be back.

We drove over to the shop where Ed was having his rig worked on so he would know where it was in the morning. 

Afterwards we all came home and said goodnight, we were both going to settle in for the night to watch the premier of the   “Amazing Race”.

Ed and Marilyn will be leaving us in the morning to have their rig worked on. We plan to meet for dinner, but we have to see what adventures are in store for us.


squawmama said...

It is great being able to be with friends. Sounds like you all had a lot of fun... Enjoy your day!

Have Fun & Travel Safe!

Tom and Marci said...

I can't believe we just missed you guys!! We were camping in Shipshewana this past weekend, and dropped off our RV at Duncan RV Repair in Elkhart before heading home. And we drove straight through Lagrange and Howe!! Have fun hanging out with E & M!!
Tom & Marci