Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Wednesday Sept 16 – A quiet day


I worked from 12-9 today, but it was a very quiet day. To keep from being too bored I spent some time cleaning up the coffee area in the store, vacuumed, and folded tee shirt for display.

I also talked to the HR director Tonya. They cut everyone’s hours because it is very slow. I suggested to Tonya that Jesse and I had no problem with stopping work earlier than planned. This way it will give the employees that are staying until the end more hours. She agreed so Sunday, September 20 will be our last day of work.

Tonya said we can stay at our site as long as we want and I thanked her. Jesse and I are now trying to decide our travel plans. We may stay and do some site seeing, just not sure yet.

Whatever we decide we won’t be working again until next April. YEA!!

The weather has been cool – nights in the low 50’s and our days have been low 70’s. Some of the leaves on the trees have already started to change. Fall is my favorite time of year, the colors are beautiful.

Jesse is still working 8 hour days until the 20th, I am only working 4-6 hours per day. Today Jesse worked at Schroon Valley painting/staining the playground equipment.

Schroon Valley is where we will be staying next year while working at Lake George Escape, our site number will be 22.

Hugs to everyone, travel safe!


Speedy said...

Great to know you are about to get on the road. We loved our visit there and would love to return someday. We had a chance to visit in Vermont and would love to see more of the New England States.

roamingwhenwecan said...

Yeah, glad your stint is over. Now enjoy...I love fall also. Thats what I miss most about living in New England.
Since we will be on the road starting next Tuesday, hopefully we will meet someplace, someday..

Darrell and Judy said...

That's Great, you guys. Now, It's "On the Road Again!" Drive carefully and take your time. Hope to see you again soon. We enjoyed our times together at LGE.

Unknown said...

Seems like Sunday is the 'on the move' day for many. We're going to our timeshare on Vancouver island for 2 weeks. Hope this wonderful weather holds out a little longer! Boy are we spoiled. Hope you get to do some sight seeing before you leave. Hugs, L&B

Allan and Jeanne said...

Hey y'all if you are staying around to see the foliage and want to take a day trip to Vermont, stop by and see us in Killington at Gifford Woods State Park. The leaves are just starting to change. They should be peaking out in a couple of weeks, from what I hear you can't find any better color than right here Darrel and Judy stopped by to see us about a week before they left LGE. We are always glad to see RV Dreamers.
Allan and Jeanne[Dream Reachers]