Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Saturday, November 21 – Shopping and dinner


The boys awoke us early today around 4:15. I told them to go back to sleep and they did for about 15 minutes, then I heard Bayer getting sick. I got up to clean up the mess and went back to bed, but only dozed. I finally got out of bed at 7am.

We got showers and got ready for Ed to pick us up at 10am.

We drove to the flea market and we all found a few items we couldn’t do without. The biggest purchase we both made was a screen for the back window. They are making it and we will pick them up on Wednesday.

This screen is suppose to help keep the heat out and still allow us to see out.

After we drove over to the farmers market, as I wanted to purchase some vegetables. I got red, yellow, orange and green peppers. Zucchini, tomatoes, cucumbers, and cabbage, we also split a 10 lb bag onions with E&M.

After leaving we were talking about food and we were all hungry, so we went to Fat Daddy’s for a sliced pork BBQ sandwich. It was as delicious as I remembered.

Back home we unloaded everything and I got my floor cleaned and finished setting up our home, putting out my fall decorations.

Jesse took the bikes off the rack, got out our chairs and put out the flag holders and the solar lights. He also got things put away in the truck and put the cover back on the bed of the truck.

Then he put our new grill together. We gave the two we had to our son-in-law and purchased one like Ed has for $25 from Walmart. It has a bigger grill space and the lid is attached. It should work much better then the others we had.

By this time we got freshen up for dinner. Dan, Pat, Ted and Sue picked us up at 4:30 and we drove to McAllen for dinner. We met Ed, Marilyn, Gilbert and Louise at the Macaroni Grill.

 IMG_0756 IMG_0757 IMG_0758

We had a good time eating and drinking. It’s a lot of fun spending time with good friends.

Back at the resort Jesse and I watched a couple of movies Ed had loaned us before going to bed. We had a wonderful time today, our 1st day in our winter home and are looking forward to at least 89 more.

Hugs to all!


Speedy said...

Well good to see you're at your destination. Hope you all have fun. Tell Ed and Marilyn we said HI.

Leno said...

Glad you arrived safely. Have a great winter..
We will be in Harligen in Feb. and will have to get together for a meal..