Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Thursday, November 19 – Blue Bell Ice Cream

Yesterday was a fun day. Joanne and I left the grounds around 10am to go to the nail salon. She was getting her nails done and a pedicure. I on the other hand was just getting a pedicure, a “spa pedicure”. It was really nice they did a lot more massaging my legs and feet and they put my feet in a wax bath. It was very relaxing and I have “Happy Feet”.

By the time we got back home it was after 1pm and I was hungry. BTW I have lost 8 lbs since October 29 and I am very happy and hopefully getting healthier.

I made Jesse and I some lunch and then proceeded to bake some cupcakes. We were going to dinner at Jim and Joanne’s tonight. She was making us a chicken casserole from a recipe that was given to her by Ollie (another co-worker from LGE). They were also opening a bottle of Riesling they had for a while that was very tasty.

Anyway after the baking was done, I walked over to their place to sit outside with Joanne and visit with Patsy, who is another co-worker from LGE. She and her husband Tom were spending the winter working here also.

I went home to feed the boys and make sure they were okay before we wandered back over to have dinner at 6:00. The casserole was yummy, thank you Joanne for a very nice evening. We were back home around 8:30 for the evening.

Today we decided to go on an adventure to the Blue Bell Creamery for a tour of the plant. (Ed eat your heart out)!




They were decorating for Christmas and everything was getting very festive..

I want Ed to know that Jesse ate your share while he was thinking of you. The tour was very interesting and their main goal/success is their employees and quality of ingredients. Of course afterward you get to sample some of their ice cream. (This picture was taken before the tour when all three of them had a scoop before the tour and then again after the tour). I only had after. :~)IMG_0753 After the tour and sampling was over we went to a Super Walmart to just walk off the ice cream, before going to an Italian restaurant that was recommend to us by one of the hostesses at the creamery, Volare’. When we got there again we thought of Ed again, because they were closed from 2-5 on weekdays, but were only open for a group of basketball players from Florida that were coming.

They allowed us to come in anyway. The food was very very good and we enjoyed our time with our companions very much, the conversation was very lively and Jim picked up the tab because we drove. Thanks Jim and Joanne!

When we got back we went home to get things packed up to travel tomorrow. We are looking forward to going to our winter home and will be there in

1 day to Llano

Here are more pictures from the park and today’s adventure

IMG_0738 IMG_0740 IMG_0754

IMG_0746 IMG_0747 IMG_0751

Hugs to everyone!

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Anonymous said...

HI Ginger and Jesse,
Blue Bell use to be one of our customers and I have eaten their ice cream many times. They use to send us some. I thought it was wonderful. Especially the peaches and homemade van.