Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Wednesday, November 4 – A full day with Colt


Today we were up again early. We have to get Ryan and Kacie up and out the door to meet the bus that picks them up at 7am.

We were told that Beth has a very hard time getting them up in the morning, but we have had no problems. I course I told them we would wake them once if they didn’t get up and as a result, missed the bus, they would be punished.

Colt is sleeping in the Kram-a-lot with us. He slept in the recliner, then after we got up Jesse carried him to our bed. He slept till about 9am.

I made him some breakfast and he watched cartoons.

Jesse and I did various things around the rig. I finished the valances and they look pretty good. Jesse did a few minor repairs.

After lunch Colt went to our bed to take a nap. I thought he would give me a hard time about that, but he did GREAT!

While I prepared dinner Jesse read to Colt. Here you can also see the valance.


Decorating with toys :~)


We are enjoying being with Colt. He is a good boy when his parents are not around. After dinner Colt went to our bedroom to watch more cartoons. He calls all of them “my show”.

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Count Down to the Valley - 16 days and counting!

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