Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Friday July 18 - A Day with Friends

Thursday Jesse had an interview with Wal*Mart and was hired as an assembler. He thinks he will be putting things together and setting up displays. He has an orientation on Tuesday from 8-5pm.

My day was like most Thursday’s, doing payroll and paying bills. The best part this day was I have off tomorrow.

When I got home we were back to bagel Thursdays for dinner, and then relaxed in front of the TV for the rest of the evening.

Today was a really wonderful day.

We had planned a visit with Bob and Lynda .

They are staying in Howard, CO Pleasant Valley RV Park which is 1 ½ hours west of Pueblo. I have followed their travels since their beginning and we met them while in Branson. They are very nice and interesting people and we are happy to call them friends.

They also invited Ed and Marilyn

who are staying at Mountain Dale Campground . Ed and Marilyn are two of the nicest people you could ever meet. Ed never meets a stranger. We also met them in Branson and I have read their journal from the start.

Also joining the gathering were Dan & Karon

who are also staying at Pleasant Valley. We also met them in Branson and they were in Custer while we were there, but we were not able to meet with them, so I was glad to see them again.

Bob had emailed us not to bring anything that they were going to get a pizza, but for those who know me that doesn’t happen. I made brownies and brought a bottle of the wine we purchased from Prairie Berry Winery, the winery we visited (twice) while in South Dakota.

We left our house around 10am and headed west on Highway 50. The drive is really beautiful as you follow upstream along the Arkansas River. I only took one picture as Jesse said “we already have pictures of the rafters and river from last year”, when we made a trip to Salida, but then I could not find them this morning when writing.

When we arrived we were greeted by Ed and Bob. I gave and received hugs then went inside with Lynda and Marilyn and Karon.

Lynda was preparing a big salad for lunch. When she said she had never prepared a meal for 8 people before I was shocked. You would never have known it the salad was made with greens, chicken, apples, raisins, grapes, nuts, artichoke hearts, and eggs with a raspberry dressing and olive oil – it was delicious.

We carried everything up to the community room and sat outside under a covered patio area. We had salad, wine, water, crackers, plates, forks, watermelon, and brownies.

A picture of all eight of us taken by Ginger the owner of the Park (Thanks Ginger)

Here's Ginger with Bob and Lynda

We ate and drank and were having a wonder time getting to know each other, better and before we knew it, it was 4:00pm. "Where does the time go". We needed to get back to the house to let our boys outside.
So we gathered everything up and took a walk around the park, and then with hugs and handshakes (Mostly hugs) we said our “see you soon”.

A river runs through it :~)

Jesse is walking back from the car with my water and you can see Bob & Lynda's Carrie-Lite home in the back ground.

You see Bob and Lynda are moving to Woodland Park, CO next week and Ed and Marilyn and Karon and Dan will be staying where they are until after Labor Day. So we made a date to meet again soon at Henri the Mexican restaurant in Old Colorado City Ed had mentioned in his blog.
It was a very good day and we enjoyed our mini rally very much.

See ya down the road.


Anonymous said...

I love your pictures of the Arkansas River. We are very familiar with that area.We live in Grand Jct but my hubby is from Pueblo origionally. We were just through there July 4 heading to Fowler. Such a beautiful drive.

Ellie and Jim said...

Sounds like a fun day for all of you, sorry we missed it! We can't seem to pull ourselves away from the Black Hills, looks like we'll be here yet another week.

Congratulations - I think - to Jesse on the job. Is the St. Joseph properly buried to bring that buyer to you?


Speedy said...

OK your house will sell soon... now that you both are back at work. You have gone to these great lengths to get employement so it will sell and now you will have to give notice. LOL Wish we could be in Colorado is sooo hot here. That river looks so inviting I would like to be setting in it right now! Oh well soon I hope. Prayers on your house are coming your way. We just paid off all our bills and owe no one! We have never been in this possition at anytime in our married life. Feels really funny...There was a loud implosion at our bank when I wrote the last check...hope no one was injured...LOL

See ya on chat

Joe and Sherri

Unknown said...

So - everyone has their posting up but us! It was so much fun to see everyone again! Oh, the laughter! Bob will get 'round to posting soon I hope. He's been researching RV parks out west today and we went to Salida to get the tripod and another 'thingy' for our Dish project from the other planet! Someday we'll have t.v.! It's only been a month with this 'process'!