Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Monday July 28 - Budget-Accounting

Finally I took the time to complete our expense log for our 48 night travel/vacation time. (7 weeks)

Keep in mind that if we were normal fulltime RVer’s we would have traveled less then ½ the miles in the same time frame. Therefore our yearly budget would be just about $30,000. Insurance would add another 8,000 per year. Using these numbers it would come to 38,000 per year.

Jesse and I think we could live comfortably on 32,000 per year. If we workamp 6 months of the year we can reduce that amount.

We spent a total of $5,038.17

We traveled 4,872 miles - 3,352 towing and 1,520 non- towing –
Average total miles per gallon 11.55

We were in the following states:

Colorado, Texas, New Mexico, Missouri, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska, and South Dakota

  • Food-Eat out $ 618.81

  • Food-Groceries $ 623.50
  • Average per person per day $ 12.94

  • Camp Site Rental $ 826.73 Average $17.22 (This includes 5 nights of free camping during our stay at the Casino)

  • Fuel $ 1,966.82

  • Tolls/Parking $ 41.25

  • Entertainment $ 229.25

  • Repair & Maintenance $ 13.00 Tire Repair

  • Personal/Medicine $ 32.23

  • License & Registration $ 517.29

  • Miscellaneous $ 104.79 Post cards, postage, water filers, Brita

  • Laundry $ 64.50

We can hardly wait to get back out there and see if we know what we are talking about.

See ya down the road.

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Speedy said...

We wont be towing near that milage in the entire year. With the cost of diesel so high we will have to squeeze all the sights we can out of one area and partake of the monthly rates to get by. If we eat in more we will save a lot of $$$ I would rather see the sights than inside a restuarant. Of course keep in mind we are the PO FOKS Fulltimers.