Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Sunday July 6 - Rain Out

Wow..What a night, the lightning lit up the sky. It woke me several times, we put the AC on before going to bed, so I didn’t get up to see if it was raining and I couldn't hear it on the roof. When we got up we could tell it didn’t rain much.

We did our normal routine and sat around most of the day. We are having guests tomorrow; Jim and Ellie are coming for lunch, so I prepared some dishes for our meal.

Around 6pm we got showered and dressed and drove to Keystone. It’s the little town just before Mt. Rushmore.

The scenery along the way

We went to a pizza place for a bite to eat and then up to the mountain to watch the lighting ceremony. At 9pm in the amphitheater the rangers have a talk and then they light up the carving.

Jesse took this from the stage.

While we were waiting for the show to begin it started to rain. Just a sprinkle at first then the lightning started and the rain became more intense. The rangers made everyone move into the building for safety.

Then at 8:50 they announced they were canceling tonight’s show.

On the way home it was raining. Once we got home we were able to walk the boys before it rained at our place.

We watched “Design Star” on TV and had some ice cream for dessert.

Then off to bed with the windows closed.

See ya down the road.

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Speedy said...

Sorry they had to cancell the show...that is the story of our lives when it comes to going to see something it always cancells or we get rained out... Go figure.
We sold our house and I know that yours will be soon. We will be taking off on our great adventure come February we hope. Maybe we will see you down the road.

Joe and Sherri