Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Friday, June 17 - Nothing New (CS,CO)


Yesterday I worked form 1-6 and I was swamped. I hardly had time to go to the bathroom. The phones were ringing all day long. Many people are now thinking about July 4th weekend, but the are way too late. We have been full for the Holiday weekend for several months now.

I also spent time on the phone moving people around so we can move, their policy here is not to move people without making a courtesy call to see if they are okay with the move. We had one group that wouldn’t move, so instead of moving this weekend we are going to move on July 2. We are not moving too far, just next door.

Our site is really nice and big, but we get NO SHADE. Our A/C runs non-stop and it still gets warm in the middle of the day. The site next door is smaller, but we will have some shade.

After work Jesse and I went to Canon City to do our shopping. We went to Subway 1st to get a sandwich. It was the biggest Subway we have been in, they even had a fireplace in the dinning room (no fire of course).

We then went to Walmart to get some grocery items. I was exhausted by the time we got home at 9pm, so I didn’t put all the groceries away.

We relaxed for a little before going off to bed.


This morning I had made an appointment for Mr. B at Fountain Vet Clinic. Jackie had taken Gucci there and she was pleased with them. We thought Mr. B has a urinary track infection and we were correct. We came home with antibiotics for him. The funny part of this visit was getting a urine specimen.

The technician and I took Mr. B outside and when he lifted his leg, she was right there with a cup to catch it. Mr. B was like “what is she doing down there” and he stopped. So we tried again and specimen success!

I like Dr. Graft very much. He was very informative and checked out Mr. B thoroughly. He said Mr. B needs to have his teeth cleaned again, which we knew, so we will have to get that done when this problem is cleared up.

We came home and I washed & packaged the meats into meal size portions and froze them , then put the rest of the groceries away.

I go into work at 2pm, so I will relax until then.

Work was busy again today, we only have a few open spaces for the weekend.

I was very tired when I got home but I made myself some eggs to eat then started to watch the movie “Tron” with Jesse. I couldn’t finish it as I became too tired, so off to bed we went.

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