Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Wednesday, June 22 -


Today I got up and stripped the bed. After the sheets were washed I hung them outside to dry.

I played with my new phone trying to figure out the correct way to use it.

I have to go in at 1pm today so I just did a few chores around the house before getting a shower.

I forgot to mention that last Saturday Jesse and I went shopping for furniture to replace the sofa. This is what we found and brought them home. They fit well and are pretty comfortable for occasional chairs.


Now we just need to find some tables that I like.

When I went to work the phones were messed up. The phones were not working correctly, you couldn’t dial long distance, therefore you couldn’t take a message and call someone back. I had people on hold while talking to others on the other line and people in the store…..It was crazy, but good. I didn’t loose anyone and everyone was patient which made it good.

I couldn’t get the 4 wheeler to work so I had to walk people to their sites. Good exercise!!!

For dinner I made Jesse elk steaks and I had hot dogs. We had macaroni salad, 3 bean salad and cucumbers. Watermelon for dessert.

We watched TV and relaxed for the evening.


Tom and Marci said...

Hi Ginger,

The chairs look nice. We're shopping for chairs to replace our couch, too. Do you mind if I ask what brand they are? Are they comfy? Where did you find them and how mcuh $?

I really like the recliners at Lambright in Shipshewana, but Tom thinks they are too expensive (approx. $700 each for leather), so we're still looking.

We found some brands online that look nice, but haven't been able to see them in person yet.

I hope you are enjoying your summer in CO, and that E & M get to join you there soon!


Speedy said...

Love the chairs. We are looking for one...Your house looks so nice. How is it work camping there...we are thinking about doing some of that next any openings???


Sherri and Joe