Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Thursday June 9 - Happy Birthday Blake (CS, CO)


Today was another work day, I opened at 8am and it stayed steady most of the day.

An Airstream rally are staying with us for the weekend. There were 7 rigs that came in today, one of which is the wagon master, the rest arrive tomorrow. Roger, the wagon master, is a very nice funny man and it was a real pleasure talking with him.

I got off at 3:00 and came home and made a meat loaf for dinner.

Jesse came in just a few minutes after me. He was very tired and hot and headed right for the shower. He has been clearing brush which is back breaking.

After he was cleaned up he sat and relaxed with a beer. I prepared the rest of our meal and we had some dinner.

I continued to do laundry and we just relaxed for the evening.

I heard that Crystal had her baby boy today!!!!! The baby was 4 1/2 weeks early and everyone is doing good. Crystal is the daughter of my friend Carolee from Las Vegas and I am so happy for her family. CONGRATULATIONS !!!!

Happy Birthday Blake Lewis!!

happy birthday

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Anonymous said...

I have a question! I don't RV full time, and have never camped in a unit with a shower. After I retire, I hope to buy an RV. But my concern is the efficiency of the shower. I sort of envision a dribble! Can an RV shower really be invigorating?