Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Saturday, October 6 - A Tour of the Resort (Gold Canyon, AZ)


This morning we were up early. It gets light here early in the morning and gets dark early in the evening.

Anyway we had our coffee while computering and watching the news. It was nice not to be in any hurry to do anything.

I made the bed and put some laundry in the washer. Jesse went outside to put up my plant stand and I thought our flag. But the flag is not up yet he took the bikes down and was working on them.

He also got the totes out of the truck of my fall decorations. I stayed busy inside get out all the things that make our home on wheels homey along with fall decorations.

I am very pleased with the way everything looks even though it is hot outside is feels like fall inside.

Around 10:30am we got cleaned up and took a tour of the Multi Purpose Building. (This is my name for this building. I am not sure what they call it, but all of the follow is in this building)


                                          Lounge                                    Meeting room                               Billiard Area


                                Smaller Meeting Rooms                         Library                                    Exercise Room


These are just a few.  There are other smaller meeting rooms on the bottom floor that you access from the outside of this building along with the laundry room.


Outside in addition to the golf course which we didn’t see there is a swimming pool and shuffle board courts.


We also drove over to

Ed and Marilyn’s site


and right behind them is Bob and Janet’s site


Our site

                                      The front                                         The rear                     The patio (Plenty of room for happy hour)



After all the pictures we went into Apache Junction to the bank to get some cash.

We stopped at Jack in the box for some lunch. Jesse also stopped at a RED BOX to rent some movies for tonight.

Then we went back toward the Resort to check out the shopping center and the food store closest to the resort. The shopping center has several places to eat, a hair salon, a UPS store, cleaners, Chase Bank, coffee place along with other places I can’t remember.

The food store was quite nice with reasonable prices called “Bashas”, they even sell liquor there.

After returning home I put the groceries away, finished doing laundry, made dinner and relaxed and watched the movies.

It’s so nice to stay in one place again!


The Happy Wanderers said...

Hi Guys, Thanks for the info and the pictures. We'll get used to bare bones type of living.
Can hardly wait to get there and begin living the life again!
See you soon!
E & M

Rod Ivers said...

The big Wal Mart is at Signal Butte just South of the Superstition Freeway... Almost anything you want is there.. And the big Mesa Flea Market is just West of the Wal Mart on Baseline.... Have fun...4

JC said...

Does the laundry there still have you buy the card from the office for so many dollars and then price the machines so you can't quite use all the value of the card? That's the way it was in Feb of 2010.