Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Thursday, October 26 - 4 Days Gone By (Gold Canyon, AZ)


On Monday we went to Walmart to do our shopping. It was very busy and the shelves we a little empty. I think we will try the Walmart in Apache Junction next time.

Tuesday was the wine tasting. Wine

I made dinner before we went to the Multi Purpose Building, that way all I needed to do was heat it up when we returned.

It was supposed to be outside on the patio under the sails. I guess it was too hot for outdoors, because it was held in the ballroom.


It started at 4 pm (Happy Hour). We were to bring an appetizer to share and our own glasses. There was so much finger foods that looked and tasted so good.

When we arrived we were directed to the wine tables to pick up our bottles. We chose one white wine and one red. Then we took a seat at one of the round tables. We were joined by Rita and her niece Sue and another couple Dave and wife Debbie. Nice people!

The whole idea is to mix and mingle and walk around and try different wines. Many people came to our table to share theirs and to try ours. It was much fun and I look forward to the next one in November.

When we got home we were not hungry, we sat outside for awhile before going inside for the evening.

Wednesday we just hung out at home and Thursday we decided to go to the mall and walk around. We went in a few stores and window shopped. Had lunch in the food court and watched all the children. It must have been Halloween Day, as there were many little children in costume. Soooo cute.

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Rod Ivers said...

You won't believe how busy the Signal Butte Wal Mart will get when all the snow birds get back... We often used the downtown AJ WM instead... AJ is more liberal on display and sale of adult beverages too...