Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Tuesday, October 2 - Mesa Verde/Travel Day (Monument Valley, UT)


Monday we took off to tour Mesa Verde. We paid the entrance fee of $10.00 and headed the 15 miles to Far View Visitors Center.

Only three of the five cliff dwellings were open two were tours you could take and one you could go on your own and that is what we decided to do.




We continued to drive looking at other dwelling. I was not very pleased with the landscaping as all the tress had been burned. I guess they get lots of fires here.


When we got back into town we stopped at Walmart to pick up a few things and then when home to the boys.

We grilled some turkey burgers for Jesse and turkey minions for me. I made us some boiled potatoes and broccoli to go with them.

This morning Buddy and I left the campground at 10am and went down the road to the post office. I purchased some stamps and mailed my letters.

I got back on the road and found Jesse waiting at the end of town for us. We continued south on 160 to the 4 corners.

Just so we could say we have been there.


                  Utah                                         Colorado                                New Mexico                                Arizona


In freedom under god four states here meet


Then we went west on 41 into  Utah an new state for us


We traveled 137 miles and arrived about 1:30pm. We are parked Goulding Camp Park in Monument Valley, Utah for 2 nights for $97.00. Expensive!

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