Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Tuesday, October 9 - Day to Day (Gold Canyon, AZ)


As we sit in one place for a long period of time two things are ever present in our every day lives.

1st- I love having things settled and just living our lives day to day.

2nd- It makes it much harder to write a blog. It hard to write the same things every day. We get up in the morning. Have coffee while computering and watching the Today Show. Do a few chores then get dressed for the day.

That’s what we did on Monday. We decided to go to Chick-fil-a for lunch. I love their original chicken sandwiches. When looking on line the one I thought was the closest was in Queen Creek.

It’s 30 minutes away and not so close, but it was okay because we were able to see more of this area.

The shopping center had a few other stores that we had not been in.

“Potato Barn” was billed as a “Unique Home Furnishing” and even though we were not in the market for anything we decided to take a walk through. It had lots of sofa, chairs, tables and cabinets and most were very unique.

Then we walked through the “World Market” which was again very unique.

By this time we were hungry for lunch. As usual my sandwich was delish!

After lunch we drove back to our area to go to Walmart. This store puts the one in the Valley to shame. It’s large and clean, but still lots of people.

We did our shopping and headed home.

We planned to sit out on the patio for happy hour, but it was just too hot. I was not hungry for dinner, but I made Jesse a big salad with tuna in it for dinner.

Today we did the usual morning routine.

We got the call we had been waiting for from Las Vegas. We will be working at the Clark County Shooting Park starting January 1, 2013.

When I got dressed I left and went to get a mani/pedi. There is a shop in the small center just down the road a mile. I had to wait 20 minutes to get started which was no problem as I took my Kindle with me.

After I finished I went over to the Basha’s Food store to pick up a few items I forgot yesterday and to purchase some chicken. (I usually don’t buy chicken in Walmart).

When I got home Jesse said he walked down to the Multi Purpose Building just to look around. He talked to the lady at the concierge desk and he gave him more info, but he relayed very little to me.

We grilled chicken and I made a salad for dinner tonight.

The park is only about at 20% capacity. As the weeks continue more snow birds should be arriving and of course we can hardly wait for our friends Ed and Marilyn / Bob and Janet to arrive. 


The Happy Wanderers said...

We'll get there as fast as we can!
E & M

Sunny said...

Seems like you are doing just fine. Will you be near Las Vegas or near Gold Canyon AZ for the winter. I am confused....
I am looking at leaving pA next week and satying away till spring (if all works out well)

Speedy said...

Shooting range. Well I see the Left wing has not shut down all the gun owners yet. We are the one thing that scares them the most...Conservative with a pistol!!!