Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Wednesday, October 17 - Eating, Relaxing, Movies, Grooming and Shopping (Gold Canyon, AZ)


It’s been several days since I wrote, so I plan to catch you up-to-date.

Starting with Saturday. I did laundry and we hung out at home.

We had decided to go to “Day of the Cowboy”. It was suppose to be a fair like event being held at Gold Canyon Golf Resort which is a few miles down the street from us.

It was an all day event but the events we thought would be interesting were from 4-8pm with fire works at 8pm. The grass was really pretty and I had to have some pictures.

I especially like this one of Jesse between the saguaro’s. Note the mountain in the background and more saguaros in the background to the left.

More greens


We walked around but was not too impressed. It was mostly booths from local churches, banks, a face painting booth and some other things that we were just not interested in.


They had a food booth and live country music.


They were to have a gunfight show in this small town they had displayed, but we didn’t see the show.

I guess these were some of the actors from the show


They also had these characters of funny little people that were on “America’s got Talent”  They were very cute and funny interacting with the people.


We didn’t stay long and just decided to find someplace to have dinner.

We let Henry (the GPS) look for restaurants in the area. He found Mining Camp Restaurant and we decided to try it.


They had two different dining areas. The Dutchman’s Hideout was the regular type of restaurant and then the family style dinning room.

We chose the family style for senior rate of $15.95. We got baked beans, cold slaw, rolls and raisin bread with butter and jelly. (The cactus flower jelly was homemade and what ever you didn’t eat from the jar you could take home, it was very good).

You also got ham, baked chicken with stuffing, BBQ beef ribs, green beans and coffee, iced tea and or lemonade. For dessert they bring you an oatmeal raisin cookie.

It was all very good and plenty to eat. You sit at long picnic tables and the dinnerware is all made of tin like in the old days.

During the week they have shows while dinning and I hope we can come again and bring our friend when they get here. I think it will be much fun.

When we got outside Jesse offered to take a picture for a family group that was here, so I took a picture of Jesse taking a picture.


We drove around and found a coyote taking a stroll


We stopped at the red box to rent some movies and went home to relax. We could see the fireworks from the rig later that evening.

Fire works

We didn’t do anything but hangout on Sunday.

Monday we went to the movies to see “Taken 2” I enjoyed it, it was just what I expected, lots of action. Before we left for the movie I made some macaroni salad for dinner. I steamed shrimp for dinner and we enjoyed the rest of our day.

Tuesday the boys had a grooming appointment at 9am in Apache Junction. We dropped them off then  went to the bank to take care of some business.

Then we went to some RV repair places. I can’t explain this and have asked Jesse to write about it. We have a problem with the frame of the rig. In the FRONT when we are connected to the hitch the frame seems to be separating. It’s ok while be are parked and not hitched. Jesse called Keystone and they gave him three places he could take the rig to.  We have an appointment on Nov 14th to have it looked at.

After we had just enough time to stop at Walmart to pick up a few items before picking the boys up. We came back home and just relaxed for the rest of the day.

Wednesday I decided to go shopping. I went to Ultra to pick up a few items, then on to Kohl's. I wanted to buy some new bath towels. The ones we have been using which are still in good condition are 6 years old and I just wanted a new set. I also shopped in the sale racks and found a new outfit.

I was going to go to Hobby Lobby after, but was just too tired. I was up this morning at 2:30am and couldn't get back to sleep, so I came home.

We grilled turkey burgers for dinner and watched TV.

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The Happy Wanderers said...

Thanks for the update. We'll be there as soon as we can. Look forward to all of us going to that place to eat.
Hugs to you guys!