Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Sunday, October 21 - Lazy Days (Gold Canyon, AZ)


Thursday was just a hang out at home early in the day.

After we fed the boys we went over to the Chinese Restaurant about 1 mile up the road and had dinner.

It was okay, I don’t think we will go back. Jesse had his usual shrimp egg foo young and I had pineapple chicken. We each got a cup of egg drop soup which was the best I have had. The egg rolls were not edible as far as I was concerned, although Jesse ate his and mine.

We brought our left overs home, walked the boys then walked over to the Multi Purpose Building.

Tonight was the night for “Pies and Smiles”. It was held in the ballroom and there were about 50-60 people there. They had so many different kinds of pies to choose from. I chose apple and  a bottle of water.  Jesse chose blueberry for his 1st piece and rhubarb along with a scoop of vanilla ice cream for his second with coffee.

2 other couples were at our table. 1 was from Indiana and the other from Idaho. After eating our pie they gave each table the game Left/Right/Center to play. I think we played 4 or 5 games. I won 2 and Jesse won one. We were told that someone from the table could take the game home after we were done. Since we already have the game the other 2 couples rolled the die to make it fair and Idaho won. (Sorry can’t remember the names)

Friday we decided to go see the movie “ARGO” We went to a different theater then earlier in the week. We had to sit in the seats in front because it was so crowded. We both liked the movie, I was surprised that there was no action.

After we went over to Home Depot. I have been looking for a dust mop which I have been unable to find the kind I wanted, but I settled for one they had. Jesse needed to get some plumbing items.

For dinner we had left over chicken parmesan and pasta.

Saturday I did laundry and just read and watched movies. I never left the rig.

Jesse went over to the store to get some rolls so I could make Philly chicken subs for dinner with French fries. He also brought ice cream home for dessert.

Sunday I did more laundry. For lunch I made shrimp fried rice with the left over steamed rice from the other day. I put shrimp, peas, carrots, onion and red peppers in it and it was mighty tasty. We also ate the entrée from the other night.

We mostly have been reading today although Jesse watched football and Nascar racing.

We look forward to our shows tonight on TV.

Our friends depart Missouri tomorrow and we wish them a safe uneventful travel days!!!


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Speedy said...

You have had a week much the same as we have. We have to take off Sunday for Tyler Texas for the week. Can't wait until this working gig is over.