Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Monday, June 2 - Travel to Liard River Hot Springs (BC, Canada)


Last night we sat outside with another couple we met camped next to us who had come on a trip to Alaska in 2008, Ronnie and Dominic. They were giving us stories from their adventure and tips on where to go. It was really nice to here about their trip. They are on a new adventure this year just as we are.

Ronnie and Dominic, thanks for the info and we look forward to seeing again down the road.

We were also awaiting for the moose to show up. We waited until about 9:15pm and then went in the rig. We were watching TV when Bob came to the window to say he was back.

I was already in my PJ’s but Jesse went out. I got a few pictures from the window inside the rig.


We left this morning at about 8:15am with Bob and Janet Leading us.

This was a water fall on the side of the road. If you look there is two water falls.



We saw stone sheep in several places. This Momma and her baby were just off the road on the side of a mountain. The baby kept hiding behind its mom but I was able to get one next to her.


Our next stop was Muncho Lake. It is known for its beautiful deep green and blue waters. It’s like a mirror because you can see the reflection in the waters.


Just a short way down the road we saw more sheep with 2 babies this time.


More on the side of the road again.


Then a bear!! Not real good picture as he was not wanting to look up from eating.


Our stop for the night was Liard River Hot Springs Provincial Park Campground. No hook-ups.


We found sites across from each other.


We were all hungry so we gathered at B&J site and roasted hotdogs over a fire.


As it’s name implies they have hot springs here. The short boardwalk trail leads to the pools.


It crosses a wetlands environment that supports  more than 250 boreal forest plants, including orchid species and 14 plants that survive at this latitude because of the hot springs.




Bob said this could have been where a bear hibernated for the winter.105



Bob and Jesse went in to the hot spring while Janet and I watched. The water was very hot and it smelled of sulfur just like rotten eggs.


Not sure what’s on Jesse head095


When we got back to the rigs it was nap time.

We went back over to their place for dinner. Janet made fried tilapia, baked sweet potatoes and peas for dinner.  As is normal everything was delicious.


After the meal we sat with a campfire for just a short while and then it started to rain so we all headed back to our rigs.

They have hours for using generators 9am-11am and 6pm-8pm only. We ran ours at the 6pm time to charge up and we watched the rest of our movie from last night.

We are traveling tomorrow to Watson Lake.

More adventures to come.


Trent and Teresa said...

That was a cruel joke Ginger!!

I mean you lulled your readers into a false sense of peace with the photos of waterfalls, stone sheep, and beautiful forests.

But nothing could prepare us for the sight of the boys in their trunks.

Oh sure, I chuckled when I saw Bob's string to his thong on Jesse's head, but still, that was mighty mean of ya!!

Hugs to all ... TnT

JB said...

Pretty neat place there at the Hot Springs, really cool in the middle of winter, lots of truckers stop there for a dip through the winter. Now that you are through there I will tell you I had a friend killed by a Black Bear there a number of years ago. He was distracting the bear from attacking a family there. Nevertheless I always stop there for a dip and maybe to say a thing or two to his spirit.