Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Tuesday, June 10 - Tok, Alaska


Our morning started with Bob bring us some cinnamon muffins that he made. We enjoyed them very much…Thanks BOB!

We then all went to explore Tok. We went to the post office to send mail and purchase stamps.

Before we left for the trip we purchased the Alaskan Tour Saver book which gives us many 2 for 1 activates and some free stuff.

We used our 1st one in a gift shop that gave you 1/4 pound of fudge free. We also went into several other gift shops.

Some of the displays in the shops.

tok 095

tok 096

tok 097

tok 107

This was one of the buildings that we though was funny:

tok 093

Other interesting things we saw

tok 101

tok 100


It only took about one hour to stroll through the shops and find out where fuel was the cheapest.

It was time for lunch when we were finished.

Janet made spaghetti with meat sauce and she and Jesse enjoyed that, while Bob and I had leftover pasta and Alfredo sauce I made several days ago and froze.

tok 103

We had a relaxing evening computering and watching TV. We also talked with family members now that we are back in the states and have Verizon service.

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Joe and Nancy Conrad said...

It was fun reading your blog, we are on the same route about 6 days ahead of you. Hope you have time to stop at the Delta Sausage shop, very yummy.