Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Thursday, June 26 - Another Stay At Home Day (Palmer, Alaska)


I made us bacon, eggs, toast, jelly and juice for breakfast.


I got all the laundry done.

Jesse ran to the store for a couple of items we needed.

Mostly we just watched TV and computered.

We walked next door for dinner because it was Janet’s turn to cook.

She made baked chicken with rice, peas and Bob made a salad with grilled corn, avocado, beans and tomatoes.



We travel tomorrow so hopefully we will have better weather and more interesting things to write about.


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Trent and Teresa said...

We are experiencing one of the wettest June's in history!!

Seriously, it has rained nearly every day since you guys left!!

Not cloudy and rainy all day, but still, some rain each day.

Also the temps have been much cooler!!

I guess what I am saying is "Please come back"!!!