Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Monday, June 9 - Finally Alaska via Top of the World Highway (Tok, Alaska)


Last night I had the picnic table all set up for dinner outside and just as I was serving the food it started raining. So we took everything inside.


After dinner we went outside to sit by the fire (it had stopped raining) and we roasted marshmallows.


We left the campground about 8am and headed to the ferry. There were two RV’s in front of Bob and several cars in line.


Then it was Bob’s turn.



Then our turn


Then it was on the way to the Top of the World Highway. Now I am not sure why we chose this route. When I asked Jesse he said “bragging rites” and “just so we can say we did it”. It certainly wasn’t because of the scenery or the wildlife which we saw NONE.  Now the weather was drizzly, cloudy and cool. The road was terrible. It was steep with sections of dirt, or gravel or asphalt in Canada.


Then we crossed the border and were very happy to be back in the

*** USA ***



And then the road got worse – 13 miles of shale covered that is under construction driving less then 10 mph.


We stopped in Chicken, AK and thought we would spend the night there, but they only had electric. No water or WiFi. Since we didn’t have water in our rigs we decided to continue on to Tok.

It took us 8 hours to go 200 miles.

We stopped



Once we got set-up and had an hour to relaxed we walked next door to have dinner at Fast Eddy’s Restaurant.

We were all very tired from our travel today.

It’s nice to be in ALASKA finally!!


John and Lora said...

Welcome to our state! Have a wonderful time and we hope we get to see you whenever you come through Wasilla!

JB said...

Good job, although the road is a little rough you get to see Dawson City and that was a highlight for us. Now just tell everyone you meet it was terrible and it will cut down the traffic next time.

Trent and Teresa said...

So glad you made it to Alaska!!

Let the game's begin ... ha ha.

Now you can slow down and get some fishing done!!

Take care ... TnT