Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Sunday, June 22 - Visit Anchorage (Palmer, Alaska)


Day 4 001

Today we decided to go into Anchorage. We knew they had a flee market on Sat and Sun with 300 + vendors.


We left at 9am and it took us about 40 minutes to get there and find a parking space. Then we had to climb these steps

(good workout)


There were 3 rows of booths, mostly it was local crafts, pictures, jewelry, and wood carvings.



I thought this was amazing, but way too expensive.



I think the only thing we purchased was something to drink and a snack to eat.

Then we walked around the downtown area.

They have lots of souvenir shops and we had some pages in our Alaskan Tour Saver book for free gifts. And the lure worked because we all purchased something in each of these shops.



The flowers were just beautiful!!!!!!!


I would love to own this, but have no place to hang it in the RV.


Some art painted on the side of buildings


Then we walked back to the truck and drove to the airport so we could tour the


Knowing that our friend Ed was a pilot we thought he would really enjoy this museum. ED, JFYI, Jesse said the one you guys went to in Pueblo was better.

The museum was on the water and there were many float planes docked here and we were able to watch them takeoff and land.



We didn’t get back to camp until a little after 4pm. Bob and Janet only needed about 1 hour to complete dinner. They made apple butter pork loin, mashed potato bake, broccoli and biscuits.


Perfect meal to end our day.

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