Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Tuesday, June 17 - Denali Visitors Center and Village Shopping (Denali Park, AK)


Today we had no special itinerary other then to enter the park and go to the Wilderness Access Center to get a refund from yesterday’s tour because they over charged us.

Day 3 002

While there we watched a film on how the park was started.

With that business completed we headed over to the Visitors Center.

Day 3 010Day 3 012

Day 3 014Day 3 016

Day 3 018Day 3 022Day 3 023

Day 3 027

By this time we were hungry and decided to go to the Denali Village to eat and shop. This is where we ate, Bob had heard it was good and it was.

Day 3 030

With our bellies full we shopped for some souvenirs for family.

By the time we returned to the campground it was 3:30pm and the guys needed a nap.

After their nap we sat outside with a cold drink.

We did leftovers for dinner and watched a movie.

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