Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Wednesday, June 18 - Travel Day with More Shopping (Trapper Creek, AK)


It started raining last night and continued off and on all night and all day.

We left about 9:20 this morning and thankfully it was not raining for the guys to break camp and get hooked up. It rained for most of our travel, but I was able to get a few scenic pictures.

Day 1 007Day 1 011Day 1 014

We traveled South about 131 miles on the George Parks Scenic Byway. We arrived at Trapper Creek Inn about 11:50 and got set-up.

Day 1 015

Day 1 016

None of us had eaten lunch so Janet made cheese tortellini with sun dried tomato sauce, mixed vegetables and garlic bread for early dinner.

Once we were all feeling satisfied we decided to take a ride to Talkteena which was about 28 miles away.

Day 1 046

It was a bunch of shops and eateries. Most shops had a moose in front made from some type of wood.

Day 1 023Day 1 024

Day 1 026

Day 1 027

Day 1 029

Day 1 034

Day 1 043

Day 1 044

Some of the shops

Day 1 017Day 1 022Day 1 019Day 1 031

This was a restaurant that was part of Travel Channel “Man v Food”

Day 1 035Day 1 036

Here is my other half being silly.

Day 1 041

And a t-shirt I thought was cute.

Day 1 025

Even though the weather was not good today we still had a good day. Hope yours was good also!


The Happy Wanderers said...

First thing we do each morning, when inside, is read the two blogs from you guys. Great pictures!!!
Thanks so much for taking us along vicariously.
Travel safe and continue to have a great time!
Hugs to all of you.
E & M

Trent and Teresa said...

What a great little town!!

Looks like a fun way to spend the afternoon...

Take care ... TnT