Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Friday, July 11 - Fish Fry, Exciting Ending (Ninilchik, Alaska)


Today started out as normal.

The guys decided to go fishing so they were up and out at 8am.

They came home around 2:00pm. No Fish. They actually didn’t even go fishing!

They drove to Soldotna and went to the hardware fishing store to get some fishing supplies. Then they went to scout out areas to fish. They ran into Ronnie and Dominic campers we met at Toad River Campground. They found that no one was catching fish so they decided not to fish.

At 4:00 we were invited to go over to the restaurant here at the campground for a fish fry and pot luck.

As it turned out so were Ronnie and Dominic, they are friends with our neighbors Lee and Donna. It was nice to be able to visit with them again.

After the dinner we decided to take a ride to the weir. Fish were everywhere. The fish and game guy said he had worked all day because there are so many fish.


You probably can’t tell from the pictures but fish were jumping outside the weir like crazy.





Then we drove to the fishing village. We saw these eagles on signs on the beach and this sea otter just floating.




Now comes the exciting part.

We decided to go look at these lots that were for sale.

We saw this house, it’s smaller then our RV.042

This one was much nicer.


Then we found the perfect lot. Look at the view!!


And got stuck.


Jesse is a very good driver and can handle most situation, but he couldn’t get us out. No 4 wheel drive.

We called Chuck the owner of the campground and he was very kind to come and help us out.


We came home and are happy to be here for sure. Janet and I were thinking we may be spending the night up there.

Thanks Chuck for being our hero today.

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Trent and Teresa said...

Ugh... I hate that feeling when you know you are about to get stuck.
I think my stomach drops as much as the rig does!!
Then when you get out, you get that great feeling of freedom again, and you can't get the smile off your face!!