Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Wednesday, July 23 - Travel Day (Pull Off, Alaska)


We departed Valdez about 9:00 am with Jesse leading.

As we were leaving we saw the strangest man. We was walking down the street in the rain. He had on cameo shorts no shirt and had the butt of the rifle propped on his hip with the other end in the air.

The trip was uneventful.

We stopped in Tok at Fast Eddies and we each purchased a pizza for dinner. It was a little to early to eat then so we just warmed it up after we stopped for the night.

We stopped at a rest stop which was about 30 minutes from the Canada border for the night.

We past these girls on the road then around 8pm they stopped at our rest stop.


I was amazed at how organized they were. They stowed their bikes in the woods, stowed their food across the road, and had their tent set-up in 20 minutes. It was very interesting watching them.

Jesse and I watched “Into the Wild” again then went to bed early.

Tomorrow we will be traveling again.

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