Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Monday, July 21 - Laundry and Fishing (Valdez, Alaska)


Bob and Jesse went for a walk this morning and saw this little guy.


View from our site.


Notice there is another Mobile Suites next to us…Three in a row


Bob was setting up the fishing rods because Jesse, Bob and Janet went fishing this morning.


Again Jesse is supervising.


They left about 9:15 went to the bait shop to purchase a one day license. Then they drove to the other side of the bay to fish.

Bob was the first one to get a fish, then Jesse did. Bob has several fish but Jesse had snagged one and it broke his line. He put on a new hook and another fish broke that one. It was determined that the line was dry rotted. So Jesse had to come back to camp to get a different rod and stopped at the bait store to get more hooks. While he was on his way back Bob called him to say “buy me another stringer line because mine with my 5 fish is gone”. I guess he didn’t have his line secured and they floated away.

By the time Jesse got back the tide was going back out and so were the fish. They returned home about 1pm.

Jesse brought home 2 fish and Janet got one. PINK SALMON. Bob’s are somewhere in the water.


I continued to do the laundry and watched TV while Jesse slept in his chair most of the afternoon.

Bob came to the door to say come see the bear. I got a few pictures of the black bear. He was far away by now.


We went over to B&J for dinner. She made a skillet dish with cabbage, potatoes, and sausage and served asparagus as a side dish. Good dinner.

The three fishermen and women are going out fishing again around 8pm for high tide. Hope they do better.

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Trent and Teresa said...

Whew, Jesse must of been real tuckered out to do all that napping!!

Hope your knee is doing better.

Have fun ... TnT