Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Monday, July 14 - Salmon and Moose !! (Ninilchik, Alaska)


Guys went fishing today. 

They went to an area on the Kenai River called Moose Meadows off of Mount Redoubt Road in Soldotna.  They left a bit before 5am and got to the fishing area at 6am. 

Moose must be early risers because they saw 11 moose on the way there. 


Even at 6am the river bank was very crowded.  They found an empty area, spaced themselves and commenced the Kenai flip. That is casting out about 12 feet slightly up river, then letting the current bring your line down river and pull it in.  Then do it again, and again and again.

No bait, just a hook with some bright orange yarn tied on and a weight.  They were wearing hip waders but the river was high and fast and they got pretty wet anyway. 

Jesse caught the first fish and Bob got his first fish while Jesse was still bringing his in.  They alternated like that for about 5 hours and finished with 5 Sockeye Salmon.  3 for Jesse and 2 for Bob though Bob had quite a few that got away while he was bringing them in.  The limit is 3 per person. 


The river was getting very crowded so they called it quits.  The campground has a fish cleaning station so they brought their catch back to the campground to clean, bag, and freeze.


Look at the teeth


Bob does the cleaning and fileting.


Jesse supervisors.

009Look at all the fish eggs.


We took them back to B&J’s to dry, bag and freeze.



It was Janet’s day to cook and she had a meal planned, but it was something she could hold for another day so we could grill some fresh salmon for dinner.

Janet has a home made marinade that she like so she made it for the fish.

I made some baked potatoes and a salad to go with the fish. We overcooked the fish but it was still good.

We have been here 17 nights, but are moving tomorrow so right after dinner Bob and Janet went home to prepare.

Jesse and Bob both went to get fuel in their trucks and I did the dishes.

Until tomorrow when we get a new scenery, have a good day!!

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Trent and Teresa said...

Ahhh, finally the boyz had good luck from shore!!!

Nothing like fresh fish!!!

Take care ... TnT