Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Friday, July 25 - Again, Another Travel Day (Rabid Grizzly-Rest Stop, Canada)


We decided to take our time departing this morning. While I was sitting at the table I saw this little one in the tree next to us.


We broke camp and went to the dump station then on to the rig washing area. We need to wash the rig after yesterday’s travel.  Bob and Janet were already there and we got in line to be next. It was a powerful sprayer so it didn’t take long.

We were on the road by 11am and we were leading the way. After the first 250 miles we turned on Highway 37. The road was not too good for a while.


Then there were miles and miles of forest that had been burnt. New growth quickly grows in fire-ravaged areas, is known as fireweed. Its hard to see in this picture, but it’s a pretty robust perennial herb, topped by a long purple or pink flower.



We saw a deer and 2 babies, two goats with a baby, and red fox.

After 8 hours on the road today we stopped at a rest stop on Dease Lake called Rabid Grizzly at 7pm.




Next thing I know Jesse tells me that they are building a fire and we are roasting the hot dogs I planned for dinner on a open fire. I warmed some baked beans from a can and dinner was done.


hot dogs

We also roasted some marshmallows.


Jesse wearing as much as he ate. LOL


We visited for a while after we ate until the bugs drove us indoors.

We travel again tomorrow. YUK!

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