Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Saturday, July 19 - Leaving Seward (Mendeltna, Alaska)


Last night we watched the Royal Caribbean cruise ship pull out of the dock.

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It was raining the whole time we packed up and went to the dump then on the road by 10am this morning.

We drove past the Turn Again Arm. The tide was out so we saw no whales.

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Drove through Anchorage

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Then through Palmer

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We drove past Matanuska Glacier

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We stopped around 3:30 at a rest stop next to Mendeltna Creek.

Janet served us leftover lasagna which was still delicious.

We ran our generators until bed time so we watched the movie Pearl Harbor.

Travel to Valdez tomorrow.

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Chuck-Kathy said...

Hey, the fish are in at Valdez, so go get them!