Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Monday, June 30 - Kenai Peninsula (Ninilchik, Alaska)


Today we were moving slowly. Jesse went down the road and got donuts and took some over to Bob and Janet.

Around 11am we decided to take a ride to Kenai.

We went to the post office then rode by the Russian Orthodox Church he in Ninilchik. Note the crosses.

Day 4 006

We drove past someone catch and I got a picture

Day 4 004

We went by Ninilchik Charters and the guys booked another charter for Wed. with our 2 for 1 coupon out of the Alaskan Saver.

Then we drove to:

Day 4 015

Day 4 032

Day 4 019 Inside we watched a film and I took pictures of the stuffed wildlife.

Day 4 020

Day 4 021

Day 4 023Day 4 026Day 4 027

Day 4 028

We drove by this camping and fishing area.

Day 4 036

Day 4 033

Day 4 034

Day 4 053

Day 4 038

On the way home we saw this herd of 16 Caribou

Day 4 042

Day 4 044

Day 4 048

And another church

Kenai Church

For dinner I made chicken parmesan, cheese and spinach ravioli, red and white sauce with a loaf of warm bread.

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Phyllis said...

Waiting to see some Caribou. Currently in Tok, AK. Drove over to Chicken today. Loving Alaska.