Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Friday, September 12 - Start of the Weekend

Today is a work day for both of us. I have to work all day as the boss is out of town and his boys need to leave early, so I need to stay and lock up.

Jesse has a doctor's appointment today. I hope the doctor gives him something else, because he is not getting better, he's getting worse.

We are keeping the grand kids this weekend so Beth and DJ can get away for the weekend. I will pick the baby up at daycare when I get off and then go to Avondale and get Kacie from school. Ryan is spending the night with a friend and I will pick him up at his football game tomorrow.

We had a meeting last night with our auctioneer friend about him doing an auction of all our stuff if we rent the house.

I grilled salmon and made macaroni and cheese and a vegetable for dinner. I had baked some cookies the night before and we had them for dessert.

We watched Big Brother, then some other shows, but I can’t tell you what they were, don’t remember.

Then we were off to dreamland,

See ya down the road


Speedy said...
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Speedy said...

You know Sherri and I are not big TV watchers. We only have 4 channels to watch on our antenna so there is not much to chose from. I have read that most all the Dreamers watch Big Brother and we have never seen it??? I guess we will have to watch it one night to see what the deal is. We will be getting Direct TV soon so maybe we will start watching TV???
Sherri and Joe