Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Thursday, September 25 - Just checking in

Not much new here, but I wanted to check in to let everyone know we are doing well.

We have an appointment this morning for someone to come and look at the house as a rental.

Tuesday Jesse and I went out to dinner (Red Lobster) and then home to watch the new shows on TV, very exciting anniversary huh? :~)

Last night was more of the same as we got caught up on the shows we recorded from Tuesday. I made salmon cakes and scallop potatoes for dinner.

Today is my payroll and A/P day and after work I am going to watch Kacie play volleyball.

Hopefully soon we will see ya down the road.

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Bob and Molly said...

Happy Anniversary G&J...what a good looking couple you were!! and still are, too!!
Good luck on the house rental...we really want to see you guys on the road so lots of good wishes for you!!
Molly & Bob